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Eat at Duck and Waffle, London

TravelRebecca O'ByrneComment

Sitting atop the city of London, Duck & Waffle, the 24/7 high-rise destination restaurant and cocktail bar is something of an ethereal escape from the rat race below. Upon arrival, the dedicated entrance for those dining in the Heron Tower is something of a fun beginning, stepping into a glass elevator that whisks you from floor to forty in seconds, there’s a sense that whatever awaits atop your ride north has to be pretty slick.

Eat at In Situ, San Francisco

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Uncompromisingly cool and collected, distinctively unique and promisingly unlike many other high-brow gourmet dining encounters, In Situ is one of San Francisco's hottest fine dining experiences. Situated at the heart of the arts, the concept restaurant is SFMOMA's flagship restaurant and places itself front and centre on the ground floor lobby of the city’s iconic Museum of Modern Art.