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Eat at In Situ, San Francisco

TravelRebecca O'ByrneComment

Uncompromisingly cool and collected, distinctively unique and promisingly unlike many other high-brow gourmet dining encounters, In Situ is one of San Francisco's hottest fine dining experiences. Situated at the heart of the arts, the concept restaurant is SFMOMA's flagship restaurant and places itself front and centre on the ground floor lobby of the city’s iconic Museum of Modern Art. Mirroring the museums powerful collection of art in it’s equally eclectic selection of servings, the restaurant is the epitome of art as an experiential installation and can truly only be understood once experienced. 

Curated by Chef Corey Lee who is the deserving recipient of three Michelin stars, the menu takes visitors on a tasteful journey around the world with each dish a considered choice from one of 80 of the globes most influential chefs. Delectable and intriguing, Lee replicates dishes that range from small to medium to large sized plates and in taking them from their home from cities around the world, he carefully re-imagines them right there in the heart of San Francisco. From the Wasabi Lobster from Chef Tim Ruae of Restaurant Tim Ruae in Berlin to Glazed Chicken Thigh from Chef Hiroshi Sasaki of Gion Sasaki in Kyoto, the variation of tastes are as innovative as they are mouth-watering. There are 15 offerings to choose from at any one time and over time chefs include and have included Sean Brock, Olivier Roellinger, Roy Choi, Daniel Boulud and Virgilio Martinez among many other collaborators. 

Visitors can expect the perfect mix of casual meets cultured and in focusing on the innovative and steering clear of it’s own originality, In Situ is perhaps the most original restaurant of it’s time.