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The World of Kelly Wearstler

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American interior designer Kelly Wearstler is the epitome of California glamour. In her quest to bring to the world her unparalleled understanding of interiors and design, she continues to lead the way in revolutionising our understanding of modern American glamour and design as an all encompassing lifestyle. 

Gulla Jonsdottir, Architect & Designer

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Gulla Jonsdottir’s completed projects include some of the most luxurious hotels, restaurants, bars, lounges and galleries the world over. The architect and interior designer’s appreciation of space, uncompromising beauty and the delicate dance between the sensual and empirical awards her the prestige as one of our generation’s most fresh and dynamic innovators. 

Leah Hewson Interview

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As one of Ireland's most prolific emerging artists, Leah Hewson is no stranger to the limelight. With three solo exhibitions under her belt, of which her most recent, Scintilla showed at the prestigious RHA Gallery in Dublin (not to mention was a complete sell-out), the young artist is a success of her own making. 

The Broad, Los Angeles

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Los Angeles is the nucleus of the contemporary art world. Home to some of the most iconic originators in art, architecture and cultured creations, since September 2015 the city is also home to the world's most impressive modern art museum, The Broad.