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Trish McEvoy, The Interview

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Trish McEvoy

With an expertise spanning four decades it is undoubtedly for good reason that Trish McEvoy is a name we’re all familiar with. Makeup artist, entrepreneur and one of the beauty industries most prolific innovators, Trish is a woman with endless knowledge to impart and an array of lessons to teach.

Her influential impact on women the world over has been exceptional. Whether we know it or not. To Trish, beauty is skin deep and along with her husband Dr. Ronald Sherman she runs a luxurious skincare centre. However she is perhaps best known her genius inventions such as the infamous and sell-out Makeup Planner and the fact that she single handily brought to our lives the idea of luxury makeup brushes. Yet it is perhaps her new book ‘The Makeup of a Confident Woman’ is that is thus far her greatest gift of all. A take home of all that she embodies as a makeup artist, entrepreneur and admirable advocate for building confidence in women from the inside out.. 

Here we chat to Trish about what life has taught her to date and what, were she to be stuck on a desert island, would be the one beauty product she wouldn't be able to survive without..

Trish your new book ‘The Makeup of a Confident Woman’ was recently published and takes a well rounded and inclusive look at well-being from the inside out. What inspired you to write it and on the topic of confidence and beauty, can you synopsis your philosophy on the topic?

I decided to write this book after watching countless woman apologize to me about their appearance. Running into women in the street saying how sorry they were that they saw me on a day when they didn’t have time to do their makeup and hair. We as women put everyone else first but confidence and calm go hand in hand and you need to give yourself time to put your best self forward. In 'The Makeup of a Confident Woman' I talk about the gift of time, and how giving yourself those couple of minutes will lead you into the beauty endorphin loop. That same high you get from working out! This endorphin loop will cascade into other aspects of your life.

Confidence today, at times, tends to rely hugely on the attaining of likes and followers on social media, it’s a growing pressure for all not to mention a huge change in how kids are growing up in the world today. What wisdom do you wish to impart to young girls who see their self-worth in a number, size or quality Snapchat story?

Confidence starts with you. Taking that time for yourself to put your best face forward can allow you to walk with your head held higher. Though recognition from others can feel good you need to have personal recognition come first. Look at yourself objectively and address the concerns you may have. Put yourself back on your priority list! In life so much of what we are viewing through this social media lens is not authentic, it is staged. We are the architects of our own lives, we need to be happy with our lives not through the falseness of others' filters.

You’ve been in business for over 40 years, what advice would you give to those wanting to materialise an idea to reality today?

Find a need within the business. Work hard and be consistent. When I created my brush line there really weren’t high end makeup brushes that were accessible. I went to an art supply store and cut paint brushes thinking of the ease of application for every women.

How did you build out your team and who are your key advisors in business?

My key team members have been with me for over 20 years and we all started together and have built the busiess from the ground up. Each has a different talent and view point which enables us to look through many lens in any situation. 

 Do you have a mentor?

My husband has always been my biggest supporter, confidante, and mentor. 

What have been the greatest lessons life has taught you to date?

Verify, verify, verify. And you are responsible for how you respond in any situation. 

Cleverly and innovatively, you single-handedly founded the idea of a makeup brush as a tool for women to have more control and creative fun with makeup and you created the world’s first line of luxury brushes as a result. As a businesswoman with a hugely creative foundation to your career, how do you remain inspired and ready to bring something new to the table all the time?

I am passionate and truly love what I do. Remaining inspired and ready comes from a drive that I’ve always had to have in this business. My first toy was a lipstick so you could say, I have always known what I wanted to do. Observing woman in their everday lives and always thinking about how I can make their beauty routines more fun, more effective, and more empowering drives me even further.   

You also created the incredibly useful and popular Makeup Planner. Tell us a little of the story behind it if you would..

I was on vacation with my husband and my products were sprawled across the counter and he said there MUST be a better way. It was created for form, function, and organization.

 What are your beauty travel tips?

Being very organized in your beauty routine. As I mentioned, I created my Makeup Planner while traveling. It allows you to have everything you need in one small place. It is easy to grab on the go. I always suggest only having the pieces you are really going to use when traveling and bring multi-functional products, like my Beauty Booster Lip and Cheek which can be both your lip color and blush as well as BB which Primes, Evens, Hydrates, and Protects your skin! 

 The biggest beauty mistake you notice women making?

Not Blending enough! Blend! Blend! Blend! And when you think you’ve blended enough, blend some more! And ALWAYS wear sunscreen. 

What’s the one beauty product you couldn't survive on a desert island without?

My Instant Eye Lift 

And your favourite multitasking product?

My BB Cream! It Primes the Skin, Evens out skin tone, Hydrates your face, and protects you from daily UV exposure! A true all-in-one product. 

With such a busy schedule, what do you do on a daily basis to keep you grounded and together?

I start my day at 5am, working out and taking time for myself. This allows me to start everyday on a consistent and healthy note.

 The world of fashion and beauty are merging hugely with that of technology as it changes the face of everything we know. Where do you see the beauty industry going and what advancements do you predict for the future?

Technology is so important in the world of beauty. It allows us to better advance products and communicate with our consumer. I foresee a great amount of honesty in the business with platforms that allow the consumer to tell you what they think right away. I also see in every industry a real wealth of knowledge. We have always been a brand that teaches and people more and more are hunting for information and techniques which is exciting. 

 You own a skincare centre with your husband Dr. Ronald Sherman. How is it working with your number one?

Working with my husband was so amazing we are fabulous partners. What could be better than being with your best friend all day! 

What are your top tips for a good skincare routine?

We have a tried and true 5 step skincare routine. Cleanse, Exfoliate, Hydrate, Protect, and Repair. Start and end each day cleansing and rising thoroughly. Exfoliating regularly removes the dead cells that can dull skin and also allows your treatment products to better perform. In the morning and evening it is important to hydrate your skin with serums and or moisturizers. Always protect yourself from daily UV exposure. And repair any damage with products that can bring skin back to its best natural state like my Vitamin C Cream.

And lastly Trish, if we didn’t know you as the superstar makeup artist and admirably successful businesswoman, where might we find you and what would you be doing?

I would be doing some kind of public speaking to empower women!

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