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What Is.. FaceGym

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Maybe you’re a spin enthusiast or a resistance-goddess, perhaps you love your morning run or sweating it out at Bikram? Whatever your chosen method of movement you understand and agree with the benefits in time spent working the body and a dedicated commitment to strengthening the muscles of our body; simply put it pays off to workout, right? Why then have we never connected such dedication to the face? Step forth FaceGym, the world’s first ever gym session for the face.

FaceGym was founded in 2016, by ex-beauty journalist Inge Theron who as a contributor for the Financial Times, documented her search for the next big thing in beauty in her column ‘Chronicles of a Spa Junkie”. Over a 3 year period she visited 57 spas, tried 25 anti-ageing treatments, tolerated 15 detoxes and sweated her way through 32 different types of movement classes. In her extreme search she underwent a face-lift procedure that left her house-bound due to complications and with a new outlook on skincare and the search for what works, she wondered if perhaps there was a less invasive was of ageing gracefully?

FaceGym is her resulting creation, the fruits of a two-year study that saw her travel the world to work with fitness experts, doctors, gurus and facialists. It’s a non-invasive facial workout requiring no knives, needles or recovery time; just 45 - 60 minutes in the hands of one of the company’s expert trainers. Exercising the face works to increase the blood circulation (allowing oxygen and nourishment to reach skin cells) and develop the 43 muscles in the face, making the shape of the face more full and defined. The ‘training’ part of the workout varies depending on the outcome you desire, so whether it’s a lifted look, tightening, detox, de-puffing or sculpting there is a varying custom-created workout. However the overall aim of a session at FaceGym is to stimulate the muscles, bringing back the skin’s natural elasticity and promoting collagen production. 

With similar steps to a body workout, the trainer will take you through the warm up, cardio, sculpting, and cool down stages of the workout. Using high energy kneading movements, a carefully selected selection of high-quality products from around the globe alongside optional vitamin boosters, a jade gua sha tool, a yoga ball and an electrical muscle stimulator (EMS), a session at FaceGym leaves your skin looks instantly tighter and brighter with your face visibly more sculpted. Fresh skin, the natural way, what’s not to love?

Available in London, Manchester, New York & coming soon to Los Angeles // Book your workout here // Workouts cost bewteen £50 and £225 or $70 and $270