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Gallery Wall Inspiration

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As part of my new site and my continued love of interiors, not to mention all things chic, I'm excited to invite you into another part of my world and to begin sharing with you some of my inspirations at home. I've always loved great spaces, from hotels and restaurants to art galleries, boutiques and stores. I am so intrigued by how the form and beauty of a place can transform your mood and in essence your life.

Growing up and still to this day, my Mum puts so much love into her house being our home and although our tastes in interiors are quite different, she's instilled in me a passion for the topic and as I mature within myself I tend to appreciate more and more what I love and am certainly seeing how my own tastes are evolving. I used to love the old - give-me-all-things-grand-and-leave-me-be-in-my-castle vibes - but now I'm seeing how much more refined I'm becoming; minimal and white on white on white on white on white on white with a sometimes twist of darkness or an accent of gold and voila I'm the happiest girl in the world. It's like your own personal style I guess, it takes time to get comfortable in it and understand it for yourself, not forgetting as with everything in life, it too evolves and changes as you do. 

Due to my being a little preoccupied over the last year with my health and focusing on getting back to my optimised self, I must admit, interiors and such fixations were put on the back burned. Now though with Spring on the horizon and a new pep to my step it's exciting to grasp such passions and begin again. I'm starting with one of today's major trends, the gallery wall, and my absolute obsession with their powerful presence and how they can transform a space. In collaboration with Desenio I ordered some incredible prints for our home that I'll be sharing with you soon. Until then though, I've compiled some I'm loving from Pinterest right now. Oh and on the topic of Pinterest, I recently started a brand new account so do come Pin with me if you will.. it's easy peesy, simply click on any of the images here to link through to my account..

Love R x