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Monday, May 23, 2016

Haute So Fabulous Loves; Armani Runway SS16 Beauty

When beauty meets fashion and fashion becomes literally wearable, the very skin you're in so to speak, you know Giorgio Armani has something to do with it. 
The legendary Italian designer, who celebrated his 40th fashion birthday last year, has led the industry since he made his Milanese debut and over the course of his exceptionally successful career has elegantly dressed the bodies and chicly sculpted the lives of men and women the world over. 

Armani's Spring Summer '16 Runway collection is simply another moment verifying the designers undoubted talent and flair for what's current yet timelessly beautiful. Instead of creating a collection that looks back in celebration of the brands 40th anniversary, this season is something quite fresh when it comes to colours with the use of varying shade of red, not a hue usually associated with the heritage of the brand. It's perfection; the perfect mix of prettiness and power. Strong silhouettes married with feminine details, one can't help but feel lost in the tale of summer and the dream of forever.

Coinciding with the collection is the beauty of the beautiful makeup collection. Devised by Giorgio Armani International Makeup Artist, Linda Cantello, and comprising of four products -including a blush and eye shadow Palette, an Eye Tint liquid eyeshadow, Ecstasy Lacquer for the lips and a most striking red Nail Lacquer, the limited edition collection is luxury at it's most heavenly.
I believe in investments when it comes to certain things in life and fashion and beauty are no exception, especially with collections like these. My favourite product is the Palette which I've been using over the past few months and has quickly become an everyday essential. It plays home to the perfect blush and eye shadow trio, along of course with a mirror - ideal for the girl-on-the-go and the ultimate product to take you from day to night or night to day. It feels too like an investment in the runway collection itself with the stunning packaging which has a piece of fabric atop the case, directly from the Milan show last September. Each piece is presented in a sheer tulle drawstring bag which in turn is adorned with prints from the collection. 

Love R x
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