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Sexy Fish, London

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A regular hit on almost every London hotlist, Sexy Fish is one of London’s most seductive Asian fusion restaurants. The experience-style eatery, located on the corner of Berkeley Square, Mayfair, is not just a hit in the sushi department but notably celebrated as an meeting place of the senses, where Japan hits London with a flavour difficult to describe as anything other than sexy AF. 

The upmarket seafood brasserie is another brainchild of British businessman Ricard Caring, who boasts Annabels, The Ivy Group, Le Caprice and Bam-Bou as just a few of the famous restaurants he light’s up London’s food, drink and club scene with.

Designed by the infamous Martin Brudnizki of Martin Brudnizki Design Studio, the interiors are lavishly over-the-top and just as much an attraction as the food itself. With works of art that reportedly make it the most expensive collection of artworks created exclusively for a London restaurant ever, it’s a feast that delights many tastebuds. Damien Hirst collaborated with Caring to create bronze mermaids that bookend the bar while Vanity Fair’s style editor-in-chief Michael Roberts produced a custom-made golden mural that spans a large part of the ceiling. One of the prominent features is the statement bar, which lays beneath the largest collection of Frank Gehry’s iconic Fish Lamps. A huge live coral reef tank features in the basement’s private dining room which hosts a party of 48 and is supposedly the largest in the world. Drinking in the reality of your surroundings, it’s more a museum vibe than just simply another place to grab a bite to eat. 

Taking your eyes from the room to your plate though, the food itself is a delectable treat too of course. And in keeping with it’s general grandeur, Sexy Fish is home to the largest collection of Japanese whiskies in Europe - 358 varieties and counting. 

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Sketch, London

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Conceived in 2002 by restaurateur Mourad Mazouz and infamous French master chef Pierre Gagnnaire, Sketch, London is a slick and desirable destination, or perhaps more accurately an experience, that continues to attract and capture the chic crowd, one hard to get booking after another. Truly 'Instagram' famous since the 2014 opening of ' The Gallery' which is home to a tickiliciously pink creation by Parisian based designer and architect, India Mahdavi. The contemporary pink mix and old-Hollywood style velvet furnishings, in turn plays as a classic backdrop for the most eclectic and 'grammable' experiential exhibit I've had the pleasure of dining amid yet. Showcasing 239 of David Shrigley's original works on the walls, Sketch is a dream any night of the week. It's collision of art and design, humour and panache bring a rather interesting beauty to life. The atmosphere is fun and in fact, it's a rather tempting act to simply stare at the walls, loosing oneself in the mysterious, dark and humorous world of Shrigley's infamous doodles. 

The walls though aren't the sole dwelling place for the exhibition pieces. Tables and their settings are also works of art by Shrigley who said of his ceramic designs, "It is the first artwork that I have made that can go in the dishwasher". Don't forget to check your plate once you're done, trust me. 

And of course, as with any chic collaboration of the creatives, the waiting staff wear the coolest designs by fashion designer Richar Nicoll. 

Although Sketch is admittedly not the new kid on the block these days, it's been on my list for quite some time and upon a recent quickie to London with my best friend I was thrilled to make a fun and fabulous night of it. Admittedly I'm not the girl who goes to places for the love of food but rather the experience, I must stop to say the food is utterly delicious; obviously. I had two starters, the broccoli veloutè to (actually) start and then tuna tartar as my main, both leaving me in the dream of starting all over again to savour every bite. 

Bathroom breaks are off the charts kind of interesting. You've got to see it to believe it. But let's just say it's like landing in space in your very own designer chic shell!

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And check out DavidShrigley for a taste of why I loved Sketch so much.

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