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My New Gallery Wall

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Recently I shared with you guys a post with some of the insanely amazing gallery walls I'm lusting over on Pinterest right now. I find myself on Pinterest more and more these days, gladly loosing hours to dreaming of beautiful spaces and noting how, when one day we have our very own home, I'll design it all. Certain things wait till you actually own your own place, it's true, but in the meantime it's all about the little details that bring a space alive and undoubtedly that don't cost a fortune. It's amazing how chic and elegant you can make your home look by sourcing and scouring. Markets and charity stores, online and DIY. Our bedroom, where I did this particular gallery wall, is relatively small on the grand scheme of things but it's ours and I love it. I love it even more now that I've just designed and pieced together our very own little one - which I'm so proud of. It's a two part one really as I decided to use both a free wall along the side of our bed and then the shelf above our pillows. 

Again it's small but the space can only hold so much and so I worked with that in mind. Figuring out how to place the frames is the fun part and admittedly it's all about trial and error. There are a million videos and tutorials on it but I decided to go with my own eye. There is no one right or wrong way to piece it together but simply whichever way you choose. That's kind of what I love about it too, it's a unique process and completely bespoke to you as nobody else will have the exact same one. 

I sourced my prints from an online retailer called Desenio which is super slick. It's so clean-cut with the perfect edge. The prints come in a variety of sizes and there are endless options whether you're looking for fashion pieces, quotes and meaningful words or the simplest yet most striking images. They also sell the frames to accompany each size separately but when purchasing just be sure to check they ship the frames to your location. if not though the exact same sizes are available in IKEA and that's what I did. Also another little tip from my all new DIY-Goddess self is that if you're not wanting to drill holes in the walls to hang them there is the most genius invention EVER (curtsey of my Mum) that I totally recommend. And that is, Command Picture Hanging Strips. They are so genius and were the perfect fix to hanging ours flawlessly - they also mean then that you can move frames around whenever you might so decide. For the ones on the shelves, they are simple sitting pretty all by themselves. 

In collaboration with Desenio I am thrilled to offer you guys a 25% discount code which is valid today thru Thursday March 16th on all posters excluding those marked "handpicked".

Simply enter the code rebecca25 at checkout to avail of the 25% off toward your very own gallery wall! 


Don't forget, the discount code only lasts till Thursday so get shopping at Desenio