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Stepping Out of my Shadows

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Whatever ones shadows, stepping out of them and into the light of a new phase in your life is something to celebrate. Well, after almost a year away from you guys I can safely say that from my side, I'm celebrating big style! Like hell yeah it's a Moët moment at mine tonight and one I hope you'll join me in celebrating this being my first post on my new site! It's been a long period of absence I know but I'm so incredibly excited to get back to chic and move forward together on this Haute So Fabulous journey.

Firstly my darlings, welcome to the brand new Haute So Fabulous website. If you've been here before you'll know that things look a little different - yep I've re-branded so that things are a little more refreshed and reframed, strengthened, refined and hopefully somewhat more.. well ummm, me I guess. I've cleared out a lot of the old clutter and am back with a clean slate. And for those of you beauties here for the first time, welcome welcome welcome! I hope that this fresh start and new relationship between us keeps you coming back for more. 

On the note of 'being back' you might be asking in confusion, 'but from where'?, 'where on earth have you been Rebecca'? Yes I know, it was quite sudden and one day I literally disappeared from the face of the earth, all completely without a trace - not even a Snap or Instagram to decode my mysterious vanishing. Without going into all the gory details though - trust me they're super boring, I've been on a break, a long but much needed step away from everything. One that, I certainly would not wish on anyone, has been a time of hibernation due to a pretty major moment in my life where my health slipped away from me and in that moment (ok, a year long moment) I needed some intensive taking care of from all angles. It's funny, in the non-comical sense, because for a time I tried desperately to keep up appearances - both to myself and those around me. But then life happened, in full force with a major lesson that I needed to learn. Presented in the form of a pretty scary and all-consuming health issue; I was forced to stand still, look within and finally let myself fall apart. Completely and utterly. No filter or pretty lighting could save me on this one. 

Despite my Haute So Fabulous adventures to date, I'm quite a private person at heart and in a world where our every move is lived out in front of everyone, I couldn't fight the fact that I needed time and space to get my head around what I was facing and most importantly to get my health back on track. The age old saying that 'your health is your wealth' has never meant so much to me. Thankfully I was surrounded by the insane and unwavering love of my boyfriend Paul who has been incredible and has blown me away by standing right beside me the whole way through, my indescribably incredible family who are simply saints and closest, most loving friends without whom I'd be a little lost lamb. Together their caring hearts were there to hold me, guide me and pull me up off the floor on more than a few occasions and remind me that life is not all about accolades, being the best at all times and that sometimes it's ok to just be human.. 

Darker days are gifts though, it's pretty amazing; they teach us that if we can fight through and never give up - no matter the situation or how insanely bleak it seems, the brighter ones come. Curve-balls are part of the process of living and the uglier ones are undoubtedly our greatest teachers, if we take heed. In taking the time away and allowing myself fall apart completely, I'm now able to write this love note to you from a much stronger place. If I've learned one thing - among the million other lessons - it's that, in the most caring and loving way, we all sometimes need to take time to ourselves without explanation of the details. As someone very cool tells me, 'never explain, never complain". We have to prioritise our well-being over everything and make the best decisions in any given moment without the fear that everyone or anyone will judge us for it. Life is short and way so precious to live your life as a presentation. Stepping away gave me strength. I thought it was going to be the worst thing ever and I'd be throwing away all the hard work I've put into Haute So Fabulous to date and yes I missed blogging terribly. But in hind sight - a saying I'm so grateful to be able to say, it was completely the opposite and in the worst year of my life it was the best thing I ever did.

Incredible things have happened while I was away and the future is giving me goosebumps right now; I'm now represented by Ireland's coolest new agency, The Collaborations Agency, I've got a chic new home to be myself with you here (I so hope guys you like it), LOTS of travel plans coming up, starting with New York next week (eeeekkkk) and most importantly I've got a fresh perspective and a new way forward in body, mind and soul. I have lots of amazing things to share with you this coming year, some of which are already planned or in motion and some of which I'm still in the dreaming process of. I was scared to start if I'm honest, see I'm a perfectionist at the best of times but again something else I realise is that there is no perfect time or place, all we have is NOW. I'm a work in progress but that's ok, we have lots to look forward to together, from creating cool content for you to enjoy and working with brands I love, meeting people I admire and getting to try and discover new things, not to mention a lot of life tips and inspirations I pick up along the way. I'll be sharing from my heart all that I live and love and hope that as things grow we can travel the road together and get to know each other a little more. One such project I'm super excited about is my new interview series, where I will be interviewing some incredibly inspiring people from around the world, sharing their stories and creating a conversation whereby we get to get a glimpse into the lives of remarkable individuals, their creative processes and visionary narratives. The first one up, I know you'll adore. 

So on the grand scheme of that thing we call life, I'm still not there - wherever there is - but more importantly, I'm here and you're here. In far too few words, it's so good to be back with you darlings and I wish to thank you, from the bottom of my heart for your support, patience and kindness in all the beautiful messages and sweet notes I've recieved since resurfacing on social media a few weeks back. Each thoughtful word has meant more than you could know. Sincerely.

Now though, it's time to get down to chic! Are you ready?

Love R x

Photography by Brid O'Donovan 

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