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My Personalised Experience in the Audi Q2

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Last weekend I had the pleasure of partnering with Audi for a personalised experience in their brand new Audi Q2. Already a fan of the brand as my Mum drives the Q5 (and I admittedly tend to steal if at any given chance that arises), it was an honour and truly thrilling to team up with the brand on their newest little hottie, available on the market this month.


Now I'm not exactly the most profoundly knowledgable when it comes to cars and I'm certainly not so expertly learned or in-the-know when it comes to engine details and that side of things but I sure do know a thing or two about what I personally love, what's hot, and most importantly what I feel good in. And this feels good!

As a girl who lives in the city but is originally from the country, and on top of that it's quite often that my Love and I take off for the weekend in the country, I love the all-round ease of driving the Audi Q2 in all the situations my life affords me. As I live full-time in the city though that's where you'll catch me most of the time and it's easy beyond belief to drive, not to mention completely dreamy. Once inside I feel surrounded by an energy that gives me a real sense of confidence in a car that I've honestly never really had before. The sleek look got me from the outset and once inside the features and technology based aspects are endless, making life incredibly smooth on the daily and the world around you far more accessible. Things like the Virtual Cockpit where connectivity through built-in 3G mean you can check pretty much anything online from city events wherever you are, the weather, up-to-date news, flight information, fuel prices nearby, parking space availability. The voice recognition piece was definitely one of my favourites; from it you can literally speak to your car, tell it "I'm hungry" and within seconds you'll have a full menu of nearby restaurants and will be directed to it right after you pick whichever one you fancy. 

Some other of my favourite features in the car are that Google Maps means you're never lost, the personalised lighting inside means you can change the interior colours to suit your mood and the size of the boot is a major plus.. (especially for someone like me who is simply incapable of packing light). Audi Smartphone interface means too that I'm always connected to my phone's features, from calling friends and family, listening to my audiobooks and lovvvving my tunes on Spotify. 

All in all I absolutely adore this new model - my newest love and the chicest new member of the Audi family!

The Audi Q2 is available now. See full details at Audi.ie and arrange your own personalised experience at any of your local Audi dealers..

Love R x