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10 Things You May Not Know About Me

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In getting back into the swing of things and finding my way with content and what I wish to share with you guys as we move forward, I though it might be fun to share with you some things you may not know about me. I've been getting a lot of requests on Snapchat from you guys about getting to know me better and in coming up with some random facts about myself I actually kind of got to know myself better.. or at least my loved one's views of me. Ha. As a family we were all at brunch recently in The Greenery on Lennox Street, Dublin and well let’s just say nothing was held back when I asked what they thought might be some details of my personality for me to share. Within seconds they were on a roll; I think they thought it was a confessional piece about all my dirty laundry or something. It was so funny hearing everyone's perceptions and to be frank, there was certainly no shortage of quirks and idiosyncrasies shared. 

10 Things You May Not Know About Me

I'm a little OCD..

Ok I’m kind of super OCD. Well that’s how Paul puts it anyway. Hehe. When it comes to cleanliness and things being tidy, I guess you could say I’m on the somewhat super side of the OCD spectrum. And when it comes to what I know I like and how I like things to be, I’m such a perfectionist - especially with work and doing anything professional and while I’m equally a super spontaneous person with plans and things changing, it’s a sure fact that I have an OCD streak of two in my blood. On the perfectionist thing too, I'm learning how to train myself in not letting it completely paralyse me and stop me from chasing my dreams.

I didn't finish high-school..

I was sick at the time and my parents lovingly made the executive decision that your health is more important than any silly piece of paper. And while the journey to where and who I am today has certainly not been the easiest voyage anyone has travelled, it’s made me a better and stronger person today. I went on to study Fashion and Business in Berkeley College, New York and didn’t let my lack of a high-school diploma or Leaving Cert (as we call it in Ireland), stop me from moving on and up. And now, as I blog and share my adventures with you, I honestly can’t tell you how much more the experiences I’ve had in life have created and continue to create my path, not ever ever a result of an exam. I feel so strongly in sharing this one because I know so many kids and parents get caught in the panic of getting a good result in school but trust me, you can create your own way and often it’s those who do who are the happiest. So many people I know were forced into choosing a college course straight out of school and now hate what they do. So if you’re a student, be brave, put your head down and do your best but remember there is no exam that defines who or what you are and certainly not where you can and will go in life. And if you’re a parent, please please please stop and think about happiness being the biggest success and not whatever society deems to make us worthy. 

I'm obsessed with foam and coffee, and eh foamy coffee..

Like literally OBSESSED. So firstly yes I’m obsessed with coffee. When Paul and I met I was an all Americano girl- just black and the stronger the better. I’d have up to 8 a day (sooooo bad, I know). And then after being together for a while he brought me around to the idea of a machiatto - which is basically a shot of espresso (or two in my case) with a spoon or two of foamed milk on top. That’s all. So it’s the tiny cute one you see people having in an Italian Café. Delicious. But then, my foam addiction just shot up. I don’t drink that many of them but Paul gets such a laugh out of it because when we travel I try to explain, no matter the language barrier (I did it in Brazil last year and they got someone to come out and translate), how foamy they need to make the milk and in fear of sounding like an absolute diva, I get so upset inside if it’s not foamy foamy foamy!!!!

My grand-parents were a huge part of my life..

So HUGE. My Mum’s parents, Granny Nuala and Grandad (as we called them) lived with us from when I was born to when they both passed away. It was an incredible gift in life and something I feel sad not everyone is afforded the experience of. Living around such wisdom and their view of the world having come from and grown up in such different world and time. They were seriously strong characters and the additional teachings, in morals and values, definitely added to my parents giving me a very strong upbringing. Nothing in life is perfect but this was certainly close to it. 

I'm such a light weight..

Yep one drink in and I’m on my merry may. My go-to drinks are a gin and tonic, a Bellini on lunchtime occasions or glass of Champagne, on well, any occasion really. I’ve been known too to love a French ’75 from time to time. 

I'm super gullible..

You could tell me the sky is falling and I’d look. It’s crazy. People in my life get such a kick out of it and I don’t know whether it’s just that I tend to see the good in people and believe them first off but I’ve definitely had some embarrassing situations due to my trusting nature. 

As a kid I wanted to be either an actress or an architect..

For a long time it was an actress. My cousin and best friend Danielle went to RADA and I thought, yes that’s exactly what I want to do. She inspired me so much. I did all my exams in speech and drama throughout school and loved every minute. I loved stage acting and getting really intense with emotions. Like really intense. It was a certain escape I guess. Then as I got a little older and I was loving technical drawing in school, I thought more and more about architecture. None of it came true but it's so true that people have so many talents and passions in life and it's good to nurture a variety of them. 

I am surprisingly good (my boyfriend Paul put it this way) at tennis and golf..

Yes ’surprisingly’ good apparently. Ha. Well, as for tennis, I used to play a lot as a kid. We have a court at our family home and I was a junior member at the local club and every summer day was spent hanging out with my tennis crew. So I guess I can certainly hit a ball. This year though Paul and I joined a club together and at a lesson I was asked why I’d joined to which I replied “blah blah blah, and I want to get so good that I beat Paul by the summer”.. biggest mistake ever hahah. He’s REALLY good. Anyway it’s fun to get back into it and I’ll keep you posted on how close I am to beating his ass in a game. Then there’s golf. It’s more that I can sing a club and hit a long distance shot. And that's about it. Literally. This though, is not something I’d be shouting from the rooftops about. He was just shocked at a few fluke shots I got if I’m really honest. 

I'm so flexible my joints pop out of place all the time..

Yep I know random right and it’s kind of gross but I’m used to it. My yoga teacher has to kindly tell me not to do certain poses or take it easy as I hyperextend my joints and can feel them pop out. My knee once popped out and wouldn’t go back in and I had to have surgery to fix it. People think it’s great being flexile and it is, I love it for when I'm doing Pilates and yoga, but sometimes it’s a little too much.

My entrepreneurial spirit has been in my since forever..

I used to sell seashells on the beach during family holidays as a kid. And yes, popped bought them. Ha.

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