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Frédéric Malle, The Interview

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Sensually creative, Frédéric Malle is the master of his trade. Sitting at the helm of Editions de Perfumes Frédéric Malle, his journey to the top of the fragrance industry is steeped in family history and yet he stands alone as a visionary whose creations finds their way into the lives and perfume wardrobes of men and women the world over. 

Chill at Wall & Keogh, Dublin

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Wall & Keogh is one of Dublin's most prolific and popular specialty tea houses. Owned by passionate arbiter of teas and coffees, Colin Cunningham who found his love of the trade on a tea plantation in Vietnam who has since devoted himself to the creation of the best brews in town. 

The World of Kelly Wearstler

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American interior designer Kelly Wearstler is the epitome of California glamour. In her quest to bring to the world her unparalleled understanding of interiors and design, she continues to lead the way in revolutionising our understanding of modern American glamour and design as an all encompassing lifestyle. 

Trish McEvoy, The Interview

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With an expertise spanning four decades it is undoubtedly for good reason that Trish McEvoy is a name we’re all familiar with. Makeup artist, entrepreneur and one of the beauty industries most prolific innovators, Trish is a woman with endless knowledge to impart and an array of lessons to teach.

Kristen Lee Cole of Tenoversix, The Interview

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Shopping on Melrose Avenue you can’t help but feel that little bit.. exceptional. It’s never not a sunshiny day, you’ve just picked up a coffee from Alfred’s and in need of something fresh and offbeat your next stop is undoubtedly Tenoversix. At ease amid the stunning surroundings of LA’s hottest neighbourhood is this gallery-style store that plays home to the must-know names in fashion, art, homeware, photography and beauty. 

Shop The Hotlist; Travel Edition

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Summer is en route and that means we're also en route.. to some fabulous destinations in the coming weeks and months that is. Get ready for your every vacay desire with today's HSF Hotlist. From sexy sandals and fabulous dresses to the little most delightful beauty touches and perfect airport outfit, this travel edit will cover your every need!

Sonia Deasy of Pestle & Mortar, The Interview

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Having just launched her brand, Pestle & Mortar, on QVC, one of America’s largest selling platforms, Sonia Deasy is a lady on a mission. Her recent success in America which was received to a more than eager audience and a complete sell out in just seven minutes, is the next step in bringing about a better way of taking good care o our skin. At the core of Pestle & Mortar is an admirable value set the exemplifies simplicity, quality and a strong understanding of the less-is-more philosophy.

Stay at Armani Hotel, Milano

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Located in the heart of Milan’s fashion district, at the end of Via Montenapoleone, Armani Hotel, Milano is one of the city’s most iconic and symbiotic destinations. Utterly characteristic of an Armani lived life, its light sandy hues and minimalistic design anchors it among the world’s most luxurious hotels. 

Shop The Hotlist; Home Edition

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Home is where the heart is and the heart can't resist a little attention at times, let's be real. Attention, as it were today with a focus on the details and accents of home. As the season firmly changes and for those of us stepping into summer, it's time to shop this week's HSF Hotlist Home Edition, the one-stop shop where all the pretty accents and details are just a click away from bringing your home a fresh and distinctive little touch of love..

Bag & Bones, The Interview

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Gigi and Cavanagh Foyle are two ladies on a mission. A mission of the neon kind. Beginning their careers in health research and aviation law respectively, the two sisters’ current day job is an admirable self-made dream that sees them bring a shining light to the lives of customers the world over. 

Dine at the Dolce & Gabbana Martini Bar, Milan

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When it comes to chic you can be sure to trust the Italians to do things just right. Demure and sexily fun, the combination of two of Italy’s most considerable brands Dolce & Gabbana and Marinti is perhaps a creation of genius proportions and one that, upon stepping into their collaborative world brings about a sense of both the old-world glamour of Italy coupled with a more modern dash of boldness so synonymous with Milan. 

Eat at Bar Luce, Milan

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Stepping into Bar Luce, whether before, during or after adventuring through Fondazione Prada, is akin to stepping some decades into the past and a rather dreamy Milanee cafe of times gone by. Designed by film director Wes Anderson whose visionary work is typically of a symmetrical world that plays into a weirdly wonderful perfection, his real world creation at Bar Luce is, as it were, a less fantastical reality in which the everyday life can be enjoyed - ratherly chicly. 

Shop at 10 Corso Como, Milano

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Akin to Colette in Paris and Dover Street Market in London and New York City, 10 Corso Como is one of the world’s most iconic and opulent concept stores when it comes to fashion and art, culture and luxury. Situated inside Milan’s infamous 10 Corso Como which also is just as celebrated for it’s cafe, restaurant, gallery and hotel, it’s the one stop shop for those in search of high-end luxury with a touch of limited-edition-no-body-else-will-have-this Italian glamour.

Visit Fondazione Prada, Milan

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Created in 1993 by Miuccia Prada and her husband Patricia Bertelli, Fondazione Prada is a philanthropic project whose main interest remains loyal to the investment of ideas and the analyses of present times through art. Supporting the the world of contemporary art through artist commissions, research exhibitions and initiatives related to cinema and the hosting of contemporary philosophy conferences, the Fondazione’s mission is to encourage and support the opportunity to extend and intensify the process of learning. 

Stay at La Villa des Oranges, Marrakech

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With a complimentary car pick up from Marrakech airport, it's just a fifteen minute journey home toVilla des Orangers. The reference to home is appropriate for never have fewer places ever felt so homely, somewhere so foreign. Upon stepping inside this beautiful Riad style hotel, it's quick to materialise that the world outside it's walls fades into nothing but a distant memory.